Date: 4th November 2015 at 2:18pm
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It is now abundantly clear, if this has not been the case for many months now, that every team we have played since our dramatic last gasp winner against Hull City, which incidentally was our last win back in August, they have all done their homework on us and realise that the Addicks have nothing to offer in a way of Structure, Team Spirit, Flare, Quality. The connection once strong – surviving near oblivion, having to abandon the Valley, which we fought hard to get back too SE7 if this failed would have spelled the end of Charlton. No one wants to keep on reading negative reports about The Addicks. But the reality is. They have now been subjected to 12 consecutive games without victory and a fifth without scoring. The failure to pick up points, has now plunged us deeper into the relegation zone.

I headed this article Crisis what Crisis? I`m of course being facetious. But none of what is happening to our club is remotely funny. I wish I could be more in keeping what this club stands for in the community, but all this has been taken from us, and will tear this club apart. In recent weeks/months all the talk of revolts, tennis balls thrown on the pitch, demonstrations in front of the West Stand will not achieve anything. The Roland band wagon has already demonstrated they have very little experience in how to run an English Football Club. We as supporters are better than that. Yes Roland action might have contributed to how the fans are reacting to all what has happened on and of the pitch and with the managerial side of the club. Demonstrations might make a section of our fan base contented, but in the bigger picture of things this will not solve a thing.

Every supporter has the given rite to show their displeasure, but it has to be conducted in a sensible manner. With the team continuing to be spineless and gutless and generally giving us performances that are not in keeping with a championship side, I can synthesise specially with those who make the effort to go to away matches. Facebook comments in recent weeks have become very vulgar and are not necessary. We all know the Addicks have nosedived from looking good to something that has lost its way, and to be reminded of their inability to put together any kind of result should not be demonstrated with anarchy or bad language to air frustration.

The team such as it is will not change. We don`t have the players who could be introduced into the squad to make the difference. Demonstrating to bring to the fore something that is blatantly obvious will not bring the regime to its knees. The truth of the matter was, the Addicks were made to look what they are in disarray. The Dons lacking certain quality themselves were allowed to take complete control of the game. Albert Einstein said and I quote; Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; unquote. The same could be said about our interim manager. He has never known any difference in how to deal with an English Club at this level, then his way will be the only way. So the supporters are left insulted by the decision making of a second rate manager who is quite obviously not qualified for the role.

We could find many faults that are surrounding the club. The poisonous atmosphere, as soul destroying to be part of as ever, enhanced by the efforts of those representing the Addicks, but caused by a failing ownership, stubbornly inflicting further misery. The game from a Charlton perspective was dire. However, and somewhat surprisingly, it was the Addicks who had the game`s first meaningful shot on goal. Jordan Cousins` well struck 25 yard effort, rifled towards the top corner but kept out superbly by Dons keeper David Martin.

The goal when it came was a weak effort to say the least. The Addicks in their usual static stance allowed Samir Carruthers to exchange passes with Bowditch who simply rolled the ball past Henderson. It was the usual horrendous poor defending that lead to the Dons taking advantage of our back line to add further misery to the already deflated squad. The thoughts of here we go again could be sensed in the away end. More concerning, however, was the fear a capitulation would follow which was something of the norm of late, as once again the Addicks were chasing the game.

On this showing, or is it that we are very poor and having made no attempt to regain some composure the Dons were able to play the game at a pace that suited them. In fact, the only time Martin was forced into action was when a slightly over-enthusiastic pass back from his teammates left him scrambling across his line to hack the ball clear. Any come back even though the score line was slender was never going to materialise. The decision to remove Cousins and replace him with Makienok further weaken the middle, and allowed the Dons to increase their control of the game.

Ademola Lookman making his professional debut replaced Raza. The lad was lively enough and showed promise, cutting inside and beating a player in white in one movement before finding the next pass. The lad`s introduction, was a perfect representation of the limited quality in the squad. The Addicks lacked depth with few attacking options. In fact the longer the game went on the more likely the Dons where going to add to their tally. Again the Addicks were guilty of their own misguiding`s. Even eight minutes added could not inject any real desire to get something out of this game. The Dons calm and composed kept the ball, and the Addicks by then had given up.

How many more time are we going to see and hear boos and anger directed at the players of Charlton. Top player who we regarded as our hinge-pin have now become targets for lynch mop. Tony Watt confidence might not recover. Gudmundsson has lost his match winning abilities. The defence has lost any sort of composure, and the midfield is weak and will never take control of a game, and most important of all, our attacking force will struggle to score goals. It is clear even after two games and two loses, Fraeye is out of his depth and should be nowhere near the job, never mind taken complete charge of this club. Duchatelet has sold us down the river, should he sell up. The debate has just began who knows where all this will end.

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