Date: 12th February 2018 at 9:51am
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The season is ticking on like a well-oiled clock. The only problem is that the Addicks don`t seem to be in the same time zone. Whatever is discussed in the dressing room before a match, I get the feeling, none of it is adhered too. Why do I say this? How can a game that is dominated by the Addicks not produce the desired outcome? Doncaster were a very poor side. They were in poor form and hardly threatened the Addicks goal throughout the ninety minutes. Yet, as in the game against Oxford, the Addicks made a clinical error and surrendered valuable points which at this stage of the season is criminal.

Robinson`s swan song is starting to be as predictable as the Addicks` performances. Yes, he is entitled to have his say on how he saw the progression of the game, but with the Addicks throwing away points again it would also be fitting to throw some very stern words at the slackness of his defence. Any fool knows that scoring goals is the key to success. Our manager said: ‘I have set my sights on the Addicks to score plenty of goals.` Why Robinson even needs to make such a comment is beyond belief.

The whole experience of the game at Deepmoat was frustrating. Listening to it on Valley Pass I got the impression the Addicks had the best part of the game. So why, once again, have we been subjected to a last-ditch point snatching scenario that made me pull out the rest of my hair. I can only assume that the Addicks lacked discipline coupled together with the change that Robinson made late in the game may have been a key factor.

Robinson also said, and I quote: ‘I have let the supporters down`. True, he has let us all down. Using the excuse that we don`t have the players to compete because of injury is old and he needs to put to bed. We do have enough on show to be competitive especially when faced with teams who are lacking in confidence.

I`m deeply concerned as this season enters its final third on the lack of commitment shown not only by the team, but also by our following to support the Addicks, especially at home. Everyone knows support from the terraces makes up the extra man on the pitch. I can`t argue that the away support brings a good following to games which is good to see. From a home prospective it is quite different. At the Valley we have seen a decline in support for the club and team over a period of four years. Grievances have clouded the minds of many who want to come to games but are too proud to reverse their decisions to attend in fear it will lower their self-esteem.

Nonsense, pride is one thing, self-pity is an entirely different. Human nature, being what it is, will always look at ways to justify why we do certain things in life. To give you an example, would we stay away from work because the company has changed hands and changes have been implemented that could bring insecurity? I doubt it very much. We would stick it out and get on with the new company the best we can.

Football is a bit like this. Changes happen. Managers come and go. Depriving yourselves what is part of your life should never be in doubt. Coming back to something that brings a working week to an enjoyable end should be enhanced and not boycotted.

There are not many home games left. The ones the Addicks are involved in are not going to be easy. Bradford are next at home which could be a six pointer if the Addicks don`t cave in at the death. The Dons away, Shrewsbury at the Valley are all tough games. They need your support, not a lot to ask for!

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