Date: 7th June 2017 at 6:59pm
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Looking at the goal scoring history of Charlton Athletic from the fifties they went through a period where they were hammered throughout this decade big time with only two good wins coming in September 12-1953 when the Addicks came out winners against Middlesbrough 8-1 at the Valley and then in that extraordinary game in December 21-1957 against Huddersfield Town when the Addicks were trailing 5-1 at half-time but came up winners 7-6. Many supporters opted out to give this game a miss because it was so close to Christmas and did their shopping instead, missed a classic something that our modern team has not immolated our even come close too.

We start this bombardment of goals in December 9-1950 against Middlesbrough where the Addicks came a cropper losing 7-3. A heavy loss considering the Addicks lifted the FA Cup not that many years previous.

The next thumping came in September 27-1952 against the Seasiders Blackpool where the score must have had the Seasiders jumping for joy and pinching themselves as they came out 8-4 winners to send the Londoners home empty-handed.

Up to now, 15 goals conceded with just 7 in reply.

In September 12-1953 the Addicks got revenge for the embarrassment inflicted upon them by Middlesbrough in 1950. Down the Valley on the day of September 12-1953 the Addicks returned the humiliation by thumping Middlesbrough 8-1 sweet revenge.

Moving on. February September 1-1956 Charlton visited Sunderland. Now here is a team we have had better fortunes against. I`m of cause referring to that epic game at the play-off that earned the Addicks a place in the big times. A different time and team showed immense skills and ambitions to win through on the day in 1997. Whatever happened on the day in September past is history and I`m sure the score-line of 8-1 loss to the Addicks many supporters of this era might be pushed to remember with any degree of clearness.

Charlton did not have to wait too long to be embarrassed again. Wolverhampton Wanderers were the next team to give the Addicks a real footballing lesson. It was February 16-1957 when the Addicks again suffered a big defeat. Again a team managed to score 7-1 against the Addicks which so far totalled 38 conceded and 10 scored in reply. This of cause does not include all the goals against and for between these dates.

Many supporters could be forgiven for thinking that the Addicks might have turned a long awaited corner after witnessing this game of thirteen goals. Huddersfield came down to the Valley on this wintery day on December 21-1956- four days before Christmas day. But not before something familiar showed the Addicks frailty that compares with our modern game, the defence by conceding 5 times before half-time. It looked like all those who stayed away had done the right thing. But wait. Something not seen before from a Charlton side. The team came out for the second-half a different proposition. Instead of head hung low, they rallied together and scored 7 times but still conceded another 5. But who cared, the final score was 7-6 a remarkable performance and a winter warmer for all who braved the abysmal December weather.

Almost another year had passed before the Addicks were again at the wrong end of a big defeat. Barnsley were victorious. Just like our Charlton team of today, we don`t do things by half`s. Not that I can remember ever getting beat by these margins since I became a supporter back in the early sixties. Nevertheless, it was back in September 10-1958 when Barnsley this time around inflicted yet another big score-line against the Addicks. The Yorkshire side were rampant and put 7 passed with just 1 scored by the Addicks. Phew, some record.

October and November were not good months for the Addicks. In the space of three weeks, the Addicks were victims to two more high scoring games. In October 3-1959 at Plymouth Argyle they went down 6-4 although they did manage to score four themselves. Then came the biggest defeat of this era. Aston Villa did the damage on 14-November 1959. Every team has its off-days, but really to get slaughtered by 11 goals to 1 reply. I don`t know about you, whatever our team of today might have done, would we have conceded this many in one game. We have never been humiliated by a margins that big to my knowledge. 63 goals conceded with just 20 scored by the Charlton side of its time. Most teams of today total this many goals fore in one season as a plus, but our generosity was not just then but it seems to have follow us through decades where we allow too many goals slip through our rear-guard.

These are just the against goals of the fifties, many more no doubt were scored against the Charlton team of yesteryear. I have to add up the complete tally to find the full tally since records began, but this is for another time.