Date: 22nd August 2007 at 6:03pm
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So after the latest results, it’s Florida Addicks FC who is leading the way and sitting top of the league!

We now have 21 teams entered into the Charlton Fans League, and it isn’t too late to join in, just go to and sign up.

To enter The Charlton Fans League the details are:
League Name: Charlton Fans League
Password: valley1992.

My side are starting to improve as i have jumped from 13th up to 9th. Yes! Progress is being made.

Still favourite for The Wooden Spoon is Super-CAFC . It doesn’t look like our forum boss Super_Charlton has much of a future in the managerial business…. keep to your forum mate!

The Full Table:

1 Florida Addicks FC Alex Sinclaire 69
2 taffs dragons taffy harris 68
3 Chalkys S.L.A.G.S The Chalkster 68
4 CAFC77 CAFC77 65
5 Winn Wahn Soone F.C. ANGUS McMANAGER 64
6 DC UTD David Cockings 56
7 We Will Be Back FC Paul Garland 56
8 super pards stuart 55
9 Dave Cook Utd Dave Cook 53
10 Rizzo’s Galacticos Mark Ritson 50
11 Jim Jams XI Jimmycafc 49
12 vinyl_addicks vinyl_addick 47
13 Norfolk Enway Harry Rednappyrash 47
14 Nickaspanner Nick Christofi 46
15 The Iroquois Iroquois 45
16 Head in the Mcloeds johnse7 44
17 GH-CAFC Gareth Harris 41
18 Bcaddicks Prince George 34
19 Magic Stars Gorgeous Pardew 33
20 super_cafc super_charlton 31
21 Floyds 11 Jonathan Howes 27

How`s your team doing in the Charlton Fans Fantasy League? Let us know in the forum Charlton Forum


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