Date: 30th May 2007 at 8:51am
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For the second season in a row Charlton’s supporters came top of the Behaviour of the Public Fair Play League.

And that means the club will receive £20,000 to spend on fans’ initiatives during the coming campaign.

As in 2005/06, Charlton finished ahead of second-placed Fulham to win the award, the club’s average of 8.84 edging out the Cottagers (8.76).

Ben Hayes, elected supporters’ director, said to the clubs official site: ‘It’s great to have won the fans’ Fair Play League again – not that the news should come as any surprise because we all know that Charlton fans are the best in the country.

‘However, it’s always nice to receive some recognition for that, and it’s testament to how supporters have represented Charlton in the best possible fashion, both home and away, while also backing the club to the hilt.”

To add to the accolade there was particular praise from Liverpool, passed on by Addicks boss Alan Pardew, following the final match of the 2006/07 season.

‘I was told our fans were the most well behaved that visited Anfield this season, and apparently that was the case last season as well,’ said Pardew.

‘This comes as no surprise to me, and just shows you can provide great backing for the players and still represent the club brilliantly.”

It’s actually the third time in three years that Charlton have won a Fair Play award, with the Addicks also lifting the 2005/06 Fair Play League award.

Last season Charlton finished fifth in the Fair Play League table with an average of 8.42.

The Fair Play League was won by Tottenham Hotspur (8.63), with Aston Villa, Arsenal and Liverpool also finishing ahead of the Addicks.

Marks are awarded for red and yellow cards, positive play, respect shown towards opponents and officials and the behaviour of club officials.


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  • Waheey go us… Do we all get a medal? or can we just have a share of the 20 big ones?? Ha ha well done us addicks

  • Watch all the other clubs come on here taking the mickey now. Q The Charlton don’t sing messages

  • Well done mackaavfc you have just won the spot the pr*ck contest. Like Villa ever sing.

  • We out-sung your half empty stadium when we played you. Only come on to have a bit of banter [Edited by kent8RL]

  • When ever have Villa out sung us At The Valley? You never even sell your full allocation. Anyway good luck next year i think your boys could be the suprise package with your new money man

  • Cheers Mark, at least you took the banter in the light hearted way it was intended. Hopefully see you again the season after next when you replace Wigan. One last thing, why is your editor so touchy, the sites filter had censored the swear word as i new would, the post was not offensive or intended to be in any way, oh well, little hitlers, you get them everywhere.

  • Ive just noticed that no one elses have been edited, you aint gonna get many visitors or members on here if you keep changing peoples posts. Hardly offensive were they as i’m sure Magpie will testify.

  • Mate i think the site auto censores any posts. cookie most likely got rid of the stars as your post hasnt been changed other than the stars. Yea i think all us charlton fans are confident we will bounce back, we have got the right man in Pardew

  • clear off villa we have just been relegated so we are allowed to be touch ha ha. I don’t think your comments were deleted just edited to remove the stars which may look to others like a slaging match instead of the friendly banter. Keep posting mate

  • Your the kind of club that old woman love there isn’t anything bad that anybody can say about you. Hope you bounce back and get rid of that Rugby League team with no fans!!!!!!!!!!

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