Date: 2nd December 2019 at 10:19am
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After five years of Roland Duchatelet, he is finally gone! His disastrous reign sent the fans into riot mode when many of his questionable decisions became reality, but now we have a future again.

Matt Southall, H.E. Tahnoon Nimer and Jonathan Heller completed the takeover Friday morning subject to EFL approval, but I don’t see any reason why they won’t be allowed to take over Charlton, after all they have let some controversial people takeover clubs in the past one of them being Roland himself so I wouldn’t worry about that.

As Charlton fans alike are scraping at the barrel to find more information on this deal Deji Oshilaja spoke with The News Shopper about what he thinks of the takeover

“Us as players we concentrate on the football side of things, the gaffer told us, we’ll do our thing on the pitch, if it does happen then it’s good for the fans as it’s been in the pipeline for a while, so when it does happen it’ll be a great thing.

“But as professionals, we can’t control any of that, our job is to play football.

“All we can concentrate on is what we can affect, and that’s football, that’s all we can do now.

“If it does get announced and it does go through, we’ll act accordingly.”

Looks as though the players are as much in the dark about all this as we are at the moment, until it goes through I’m sure we will get all the grisly details like the price tag for one, god knows how much they paid for the club all we know is that Roland has most likely made himself a tidy profit for the sale.

It’s good of the players to keep working on what they need to work on rather than getting distracted, although the 3-1 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday would suggest otherwise.

However it is all positive news around The Valley and Sparrows Lane and long may it continue!

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One Reply to “Charlton defender weighs-in on the takeover”

  • Yes, we all love the positive vibes but until the EFL rubber stamps the deal or not we can not move on and let’s just hope somehow we can get some wins before January and we basically go withthe same squad and hope if it is ratified and no tellings from the EFL what might happen.
    Indeed wonderful to hear the positive vibes even though we lost at the w/e but just hope any 3 points dropped will not affect us at the end of the season.
    Also very interesting comments from Don Goodman on match day broadcast on Sky and keeping Bows is not a forgone conclusion but it appears positive but the worry is still whether Bows might yet still get a better offer elsewhere ie Leeds or West Ham and hopefully the new contract offer matches those of other Championship Managers. it is still not a forgone conclusion until the T/O is rubber stamped and let’s face it a contract can be broken rather easily these days and also it is often not woth the paper it is written on.
    Sme as Taylor’s situation, will he come back the same player and has he already been taped up.
    Who knows but get proper CAFC players in and also other clubswill feel we have lots of money and increase the o’s.
    Just hoping somehow we can stay in this division and we better than a lot of clubs but the results on the pitch will determine where wewill be.
    We have been in the majority of games and with the exception of only 2 been beaten twice by 2 clear goals and until last w/e I believe we scored more goals than Leeds.
    Hopefully onwards and upwards CAFC and well remember we signing the Euro player Allan Simmonson (sorry misspell) and had him for 3 months only.
    Let’s try and keep the core of the team and let’s not also forget that Jonnie Williams took a huge pay cut to stay at CAFC but am wondering about Taylor nd feel sure he feels that he can do better elswehere, but who knowsand I am no expert, unlike Charlton Live and pass teams who know everything about CAFC and the World at large. They simply know nothing and only followed CAFC in a very few yers also.

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