Date: 20th July 2017 at 10:36am
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The few pre-season games the Addicks have played show indications that the trend of last season looks like continuing. Friendlies are not known to bring in strong support and many supporters have little or no interest in these games. But this is not the main worrying part of how things are looking towards the new campaign.

Having said this, in past season, friendlies such as Welling United for instant attracted vast amount of supporters who wanted to see their players who might be part of the set-up come the first new game of the season. Yet judging on the sparseness of support that usually burst with buoyant supporters, this game showed the pittance of what this club has become.

Disturbingly enough. This approach from the supporters to continue the senseless campaign to boycott home games whether friendlies or not and those to come to come, will in the long run play straight into the hands of those who have made it a mission to ruin the effort made by the club, to rectify the main issues that was the hinge-pin which helped to open the door that could again be part of our season.

Can the Valley ever recover?

We can only hope that common sense will prevail. I find the whole concept from the vast amount of supports to boycott games in the name of justice just because they feel the club has been managed badly, when one against the other has no bearing in what actually occurs on the pitch which is what Charlton is all about as well.

A lot of noises were made in past seasons about the lack of decent players worthy in wearing the colours of Charlton, which amongst a few other grievances sparked of the unsavoury behaviour of support towards the club because many felt let down by the management.

Agree or disagree. The long term survival of the club must have priority status in every true Charlton supporter. But this surely means getting behind the club with all the niggly things that have become a major issue and give the energy that is designed to harm the club further to the team and the club instead.

We are a family club. The actions of the last two season has done no good for future support that will come from our young. Although much of the support now comes from our older fans who if we are very truthful are the foundation that build this club for what it is today. Anyone of those who have been through many uncertainties over the decades as I have, will appreciate it takes loyalty to build a strong fan base, but it only takes no time at all to destroy it.

I have written many articles outlining on why this senseless campaign should not continue on the say-so of an organisation who wants to rip the heart out of the community that is the very life of many true Addicks. We should not allow ourselves to be driven by hate that has many Synonyms: words like loathing, abhorrence, abominations, aversions, and disgust. If ever there was a need for togetherness it is now. Failure to overcome adversity if allowed to deepen might result in the very thing that blighted clubs who have disappeared from the scene just because no one wanted to compromise. The choice is simple. The choice is ours, don`t throw it away.

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