Date: 28th August 2017 at 9:21pm
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Karl Robinson praises the following of away supporters that Charlton have to boost the chances of continuing our good start to the season. Very commendable and quite right. The only thing wrong with this comment is that we fail to have any such following at the Valley which is just as important, if not more so.

It has been said many times before and I make no excuses for repeating it again. The situation at the Valley could easily be rectified by a little common sense being applied to what has now become the norm on home match days.

Many who have exercised the right to stay away, have claimed they wish the Addicks to do well, but cannot bring themselves to see them play at the Valley? By returning it would make them having to swallow their pride, which in their eyes would never do?

Baloney. Pride is what it says about the individual. A deep pleasure or satisfaction felt if you and people close to you have done something well. Those few words have summed it up very admirably. Who is this referring to, you might well ask, but we all know don`t we? We can add a few more synonyms to the word pride: Gratification, fulfilment, satisfaction and the best of the bunch, sense of achievement.

I have some more words that sum up all those who have shown utter contempt towards the club and the team. Arrogance, vanity, self-importance, hubris, conceitedness, egotism, and snobbery. Hubris, just in case you are not familiar with it means excessive pride or self-confidence.

Sense of achievement, but have they achieved anything? To many the answer to this question will be no. To achieve something, you first have to realise the realization of accomplishment. Were they proud of their achievement? But what has it accomplished?

I`m baffled and will never understand the mentality behind the thinking. How is it right to state openly that you are a supporter in mind but won`t go to home games because you fear that your mates will disown you. I`m sorry but they are not mates. Mates have a strong bond and will stick together no matter what the situation might be.

I have already spent too much time on condemnation towards the support the Addicks receive at home games. I know all the words in the dictionary will not make the slightest difference. I will probably receive abuse from readers who are narrow-minded and feel my thoughts about this problem has no bearing on the real issues surrounding the club. Really!

Last home game against Northampton the club had its usual quid for kids game. To say it was a success would be a lie. I`m shocked and saddened by the response this offer received. The club does its best to bring to the Valley the future of Charlton Athletic support only to have it thrown back in their faces. Their generosity to allow youngsters to experience football for no money is being boycotted.

Bringing things nearer to home is what football is really about. The game at Rotherham was a hard-fought battle. The Addicks rode their luck but won through to bring the points back to London. I was particularly pleased with Magennis being on the score sheet again. His presence makes a real difference. He will be missed in the next away game against Oldham Athletic because of his call-up to the Irish Team. In spite of his absence I think the team will do well. Belief will play a big part in winning. More than I can say for the support the Addicks receive at home.

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