Date: 19th January 2018 at 6:15pm
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Only a few days ago, I wrote that a planned demonstration was being held at the Valley prior to the Walsall match. Then it appears they have been postponed on the say-so of reports coming out of the Valley with a reassurance of a statement from Richard Murray was on the table.

Now alarmingly I`m reading that the protest against the owner has resurfaced and are going ahead as first reported. The stalling tactics that are in place can only be viewed as, no one really has a clue what is going to happen regarding the take-over that has now gone on far too long. Someone is not telling the truth by not having a firm answer in place, could be seen as a betrayal.

What can we expect from CARD that has not already been demonstrated? The show of unity from supporters could be one way of making a point. Many speculative rumours have been bandied about for weeks now without really a firm yes or now giving us to believe any truthful proceedings were in place. No wonder the club is once again being subjected to more planned protest.

These proposed fuelled protest have been generated by incompetence. I really feel forceful intervention could have been avoided by the club, just by keeping us the supporters informed of how the take-over situation is developing.

The prime example if I maybe so bold of why I have this niggly feeling regarding the whole take-over saga comes from reading ridicules cut-off time zones when the 18th of January was the target set of an imminent change of ownership. I for one didn`t belief this would happen on that precise day. How could it, no proposal to buy the club was in place. A lot of frenzy was generated through these reports. I even had one chap stop me in the street and said, Red Bull was putting up £60,000,000 for the club. Really!!

What we need now is answers and not excuses. If there is no buyer in the pipeline do the decent thing and come clean. We the supporters have been kept in the dark far too long. On the other hand, if there is no one showing promise with a firm hand shake we need to know about this too. Richard Murray is the only one who has the answers to many of the questions that could be fired at him.

Come what may a constructive outcome will be the only way forward. Duchatelet should also be present, but that would be a lot to ask. Let`s hope Richard Murray has done his homework and gives the right answers to the masses that will be there to hear his speech. The sale of two assets is too late to reverse. The future of the club is not. Bring us some hope not a lot to asked for.

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