Date: 23rd January 2019 at 10:46am
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As we move closer to another weekend of football, Charlton has experienced another ‘setback’ in our bid for promotion as top scorer Lyle Taylor has been unsuccessful in an appeal against the red card he was given in the Accrington game.

Now from what I have seen in the angles available to us fans, we can see nothing wrong with it, if there is nothing wrong with it then why is Lyle Taylor being sent off? And why is the card not being rescinded? These questions NEED to be answered by the FA because I honestly think this is an absolute outrage that they have not taken his ban away from him, he is clearly being stamped on, on the floor by the Accrington players, but only one of them has got charged with violent conduct with the suspect being Sam Finley.

Also, to make matters worse the goalkeeper Jonny Maxted who was involved had his red card rescinded so I want to know what the FA have seen because we need an explanation and most of all Lyle Taylor needs an explanation.

Taylor put this heartfelt tweet and us Charlton fans just love him even more after the words he put out…

I don’t want to speak badly of the FA, but they need to explain themselves they clearly don’t know what they are doing, or they are being biased towards Accrington. In some way, this red card is benefitting the FA and I want to know how it is.

I was shocked when I saw that they came to that decision, but that’s just football sometimes it’s the best thing in the world, sometimes it’s the most corrupt thing in the world(well sometimes is an understatement) but we are always loyal to our clubs and we move on through the hard times and with the hard times we have had at this club our fans are hardened to times like this and f anything it makes our support and love even bigger. Now let’s move on and get these nine points from these three games.

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