Date: 11th February 2019 at 9:57am
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After a disappointing result at The Valley on Saturday against ten men Southend United, Charlton manager Lee Bowyer was once again put in front of the press for his post-match press conference and much was to be said about the performance of Charlton, but there was one talking point that is making fans even more enraged at how tight Roland Duchatelet can be and that is regarding a free agent.

Now the word free gets thrown around and everyone thinks we are getting this player for absolutely nothing, well it’s not entirely the case you have the to take the wage and the signing on fee as a factor, but even then it won’t be too much out of Duchatelet’s pocket and for Bowyer to say it’s looking unlikely that we are going to get a free agent in, it’s a very worrying thing that he has said there.

To be honest I didn’t think Roland cared if we got players in on a free, if he’s not even sanctioning free agents then how are we going to get our players tied up on contracts if he is being this tight with the money and let’s be honest that £2million from the Grant sale should have been ours right from the get-go, Grant was here before Duchatelet and he’s basically just robbed us of one of our top academy players and of £2million, so with an owner that sees the fans as the enemy, he doesn’t care how the team does, he does not want to put money in to the club and if these Australians are actually real people why has the deal not been done after a year of negotiations? It defiantly didn’t take Duchaetelet that long to buy Charlton did it so why is it taking him so long to sell it?

I have the feeling he’s just being salty about the whole situation and he wants us to do bad because he sees the fans as the enemy, but god knows where that’s getting him right now in a financial side of things, as we all know money is all he cares for. I did read into a theory which I thought at first was a long shot from being true, but now it doesn’t seem as ridiculous and that is that the Australians don’t exist and that is purely just a distraction for Duchatelet to destroy the club.

Obviously, it does a seem like a real longshot, but if it does turn out to be true then what will the FA or the EFL do about this? Probably nothing knowing them, but we as fans just need to keep supporting the team through this difficult time if we ever want to get out of this league with Roland still on our backs. Obviously, we would rather him be gone, but I can still see him being here for years to come and if his cuts at the beginning of the season are anything to go by we could be expecting a hell of a lot more cuts to come in the future. Especially if he doesn’t even want to spend nothing on a player.

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