Date: 1st October 2019 at 1:54pm
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Last weeks pride of The Valley was a well-deserved one for the father of the legendary Jack Jeffreys, who sadly passed away aged 4 from neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer.

However, his father Grant and mother Katie have decided to dedicate his memory for The Jack Jeffery’s Superhero Trust which is a fantastic cause helping young children with cancer, taking them to football games to give them a moment to forget about their illness and give them a good time outside of the hospital.

Things like this show just how much of an important thing football is and for anyone to build up something like that out of such a painful situation is truly inspiring and I take my hat off to everyone involved in this great cause!

Putting a smile on those kids faces must feel like such an achievement because everything these young lives are going through it must be such a hard thing to divert towards a smile, but thankfully Grant and Katie Jeffrey’s have been doing that for the second season running!

Because of that if you say the surname Jeffrey’s anywhere round Charlton they will know exactly who are on about and these inspiring people work very hard to do what they love. Well done to you!

Make sure you donate and support The Jack Jeffrey’s Superhero Trust in any way you can and keep supporting The Addicks while you’re at it!

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