“A deal they can’t refuse” – Thomas Sandgaard gives a takeover update – it looks to be in the bag

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A very exciting moment in Charlton’s history may not be very far away as Thomas Sandgaard is saying that the deal that has been put across is something that all relevant parties probably will not refuse.

Sandgaard has been a real breath of fresh air for fans, we have been through it all as Charlton fans and it’s about time we have got someone like him on our side.

I spoke to Thomas Sandgaard earlier today to get an update from him about the takeover and here is what he told me

“I believe we have a pretty good handle on the situation and there is a willingness to make it happen, the most important ingredient in any negotiation.

“The relevant parties now have a deal in front of them that reflects what I believe they wanted all along and that I don’t think they can refuse. I hope it all goes smoothly from here.”

The potential new owner also reiterated his support for Lee Bowyer

“I also want to make sure Bowyer has the time and resources to get ready for the season and that he can trust he has my full support after a takeover.”

The deal does indeed sound like it just around the corner and I cannot wait for this man to make his mark.

People say actions speak louder than words, but he is even trying to prove that by matching the donation made by Charlton fans to the Greenwich and Lewisham COVID fund, so after that does everyone think he is now the real deal? I certainly do!

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  • Sussexmick says:

    He certainly sounds it- and I mentioned before, looks to much of a real businessman to want to damage his reputation with a false dawn at The Valley.
    Everything is crossed.

    • Mr John West says:

      Yes it hurts after a while crossing everything but too many false dawns at The Valley over considerable number of years.

  • David Dowding says:

    As a supporter since 1947 i wish him the very best o f luck. It’s extremely unlikely I Will ever see them in the premier again, it is a fantastic club & the supporters deserve some good luck

    • George Sim says:

      I am with you there and echo your final sentence. That’s when I started supporting.Must be in the same age range I guess.

  • Michael Neve says:

    Seems to be a shrewd businessman with a heart and passion for this new venture….to make things happen you have to have the ingredients he has obviously got….a real desire for success and a vision of the way ahead regarding the football team to achieve success and to bring the Valley and training ground under control.
    Well done and thank you Thomas…you are a real gentleman.

  • Ken Jackson says:

    For all you long suffering Charlton fans out there at last a light at the end of the tunnel if Thomas Sandgaard secures the deal. A new era dawn’s with the security and stability that the club definitely needs! I am sure Thomas will deliver for the benefit of everyone connected with the club. Onwards and Upwards. Up the Addicks. COYRs🥅⚽😁👍

  • johnwest300john west says:

    I shall try again andperhaps out in The Far East my very genuine posts are caught up with time lag.
    Yes, will believe it when I see it but a word of caution these snakes and crooks are still around and also the original RAT and don’t discount his “You totally embarrassed me and now here is my revenge”
    Let’s just hope just ONCE it will happen and for the vast majority of the wonderful CAFC supporters.
    Then the EFL what are they going to do?

  • Chris sams says:

    let’s hope this is genuine it’s been a long time since we had any sort of stability at the club hope it all goes well at last for all the fans and staff at the valley COYR👍

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