Date: 12th June 2016 at 9:46am
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Strong words from former employer of Russell Slade, Barry Hearn on the appointment of the O`s past manager to Charlton Athletic hot seat and the possible interference regarding Roland`s past history on having too much to say in who and what goes on at Charlton. I`m not entirely convinced that Duchatelet has any real say on whom or how the club should be run. Past events tell us that all the interference was Ms Miere conducted by his C.E.O quite admirably. It would be quite pointless for her to continue in the same frame if any words that come out of her mouth are to be believed.

There comes a time in everyone`s life that a need to swallow ones pride and allow the thing that drives you to find a lower gear and let time catch up with you. Roland, correction, Ms Miere made some horrendous managerial decision appointing coaches in an interim capacity knowing full well in her mind they were not up to the job which was never the Charlton way to bring in someone who has no qualification at the required level.

Barry Hearn feels and rightly so interference to the Addicks new manager should not be part of Russell Slade`s employment credentials, and leave the man at the helm to do the job he is employed for. Past needs to interfere with the choice of coach probably might have been justified, but in the case of Slade, he has vast amounts of experience in English Football and to tell him how he should run his team would be undermining his intelligent.

There is a good passage in the News Shopper that sums up the feeling on how Barry Hearn feels about the situation revolving around our owner. I quote: Speaking to the News Shopper from Las Vegas this is what he had to say. When asked about Duchatelet number of managerial appointments, Hearn said: ‘`Listen that`s a terrible weakness for any chairman. If you need five managers in two-and-a-half years, don`t sack the manager, sack yourself because that means you`ve made terrible appointments. It`s not a good sign.

‘`My message to any chairman is always once you`ve made the call, stand your ground and give them time because you can`t go from pillar to post. You can`t be influenced by one or two results along the way, you have to support your (managerial) decisions 100% no less is acceptable. He ended by saying. Judge Slade at the end of the season“ unquote`

I agree with the sentiments above from Russell Slade`s former employer. It goes without saying, and there is a well-known saying: ‘`Too many cooks spoil the broth“ indeed very true. Although our past coaches it could be said needed inspiration to for fill a job that needs professional knowledge as well as the desire to bring the best out of the team you are in charge with. Luzon had passion but lacked the professional touch and was never going to strive forward. Riga might have served us well if time was on his side. Slade has what it takes he just needs us the supporters to be behind him at the start of this campaign, or better still in the forthcoming Welling game where our new line up for the season is paraded in front of us in the friendly.

I`m not saying the past should be forgotten just shelve it for the time being and let the new era in the life of the Addicks start with a clean slate. Ms Meire is what she is. It is up to Roland to recognise her down side and deal with it. I don`t like what she has done and is still doing. He needs to put her in the rightful place so there are no more slurs against us and many who she has spoken out against.

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